New Slate Roof Sydney

Slate Roofs

We repair and replace slate roofs using the highest quality materials and trusted roofing workmanship.

If you’re in need of a new slate roof or your existing slate roof requires attention, call us for a quote.

We take pride in our work, provide competitive quotes and our work is fully guaranteed.

Trust the people who have been reroofing with slate since 1986.

New Metal Roof Sydney

Metal Roofs

We repair and replace metal roofs.

If you’re in need of a brand new metal roof or your existing metal roof requires attention, contact us for a quote.

We have been replacing and repairing metal roofs in Sydney since 1986, using the highest quality materials and trusted roofing workmanship.

Our work is fully guaranteed and we provide competitive quotes.

New Tile Roof Sydney

Tile Roofs

Does your tile roof need repair? We replace rusted valleys, re-point and re-bed loose and damaged ridge cappings, replace faulty flashings or install new flashings to eaves, walls and chimneys.

We replace rotted gable end barge timbers with new (primed and painted), replace broken or cracked tiles, paint chimneys, and clean tile roofs of built up moss and lichen using our '30 Second Roof Cleaner'.

Gutter Replacement Sydney

Other Services

  • Guttering Replacement
  • Whirlybird ventilators
  • Skydome and Velux Skylights
  • Chimney rectification and flashing
  • Flashings for metal roofs
  • Re-pointing ridge and hip cappings
  • Replacement of valleys
  • Chimney paintings
  • Replacement of gable end barge timbers
  • Waterproof membranes

Heritage Roofing Sydney has 30 years of experience working on slate, metal and tile roofs using superior workmanship and traditional methods. We have extensive experience working on heritage-listed properties and use only the highest quality materials. All our work is guaranteed. Call us for a free quote!

We work with:
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